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The Company

WELCOME to baloo4you and my services.

Fresh Ideas are my passion. I love challenges and are driven by spotting fresh business and lighting opportunities (baloo 4you).

I am a passionate engineer providing superior consulting services and developing trend setting solutions for my clients.
My markets are the worlds of Theatre, Broadcast, Film, Concert Touring and Permanent Architectural Projects and Installations.

My name is Gerald Heise.

I am a Match Maker, Conceptioner, Networker and Entrepreneur.

I love team work. It's key for success. Each project requires individual teams to cooperate and to co-work. Each project has it's individual requirements. Its important to listen and looking for the best solution.

Latest News

June 20
The project moves on and the team is just such a great one. Do you know Kinetic Lights from Berlin? May be you should.
Aachen. Indeed Aachen. Exciting projects. Germany excites me in general at this moment. There are a lot of things happening in parallel.
My favourite though is Singapore. A city to spend time and live?
I cant wait for my next upcoming trips. Its gpoing to be Russia.

Services Overview

  • International Business Development
  • International Sales Networking
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Production
  • Product Management
  • Technical Sales Management
  • International Sales Channel Development
  • Key Account Management

Our Mission

To live in the present, to remember the past and to anticipate the future.

This is my committment. I am driven and motivated by ideas and are trying to turn some of them into success stories.

Life is all about human beings, communication and social contacts.

Life shall be easy and filled with fun and positive vibrations.

Technical equipment can be of complex nature, but we aim for making it userfriendly, better related to the human nature and intuitive to use.

Let's create our world with passion.


Personal Revenue

'I love what I'm doing, it does'nt feel like work. It's fun.

HELLO. Please find below my Personal Diary. Trying to stay focussed on the essentials is quite a difficult task. At least I am trying to keep it short and informative. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thanks anyhow.

I have always been passionate about the lighting business and it's variety of work and business opportunities.
It all started already back in 1980 with touring jobs in Germany directly after I had finished school and had my 'German Abitur' in my hands. It has been a rather small business in the beginning, but it increased to bigger scale productions quickly. I had in mind to study, but 'Hey', nothing in audio or lighting had been available at that time. So, what to do? I have chosen the conventional option and started to study electronic engineering and finished with a german Dipl. Ing. Diploma in 1990. At the same time I got into my first full time job in the world of entertainment. I got a job at Strand Lighting, the No1 supplier and manufacturer of equipment for theatres and broadcast studios. They tought me so much. I do thank all persons who showed me all the details and opened my eyes for the important tips and tricks. At Strand Lighting I have received my Industry Lessons and I took them all. Maintaining the success and being open for New Technologies is key for this industry. Times gonna change. It has been the time of the birth of the amazing Moving Head Luminairies and I got directly involved. MAC 600, MAC 500 and MAC 2000 have set a new industry standard and it has been pure fun being part of the team of Martin Professional in Denmark designing and creating these stunning lighting fixtures.
Creating, designing and developing is one part of the business.
The other part is Marketing.
Martin Professional now had these new kind of fixtures and were selling it, but had no brand name in the world of Stage, Studio, Event and Concert Touring. Glittering brochures, catalogues and magazine advertisements are the usual approach to professional made marketing, but this industry is a market where individual and personal contacts do count much more. It's peoples business. Being on site is key, showing the facts, convincing by doing, talking and showing passion will pave the path for being a respected player and will at the end get the products specified for productions worldwide. It took 10 years of intense travel and marketing and we appreciated the warm welcome all over the world, created personal business relations and the products got specified and sold. I did enjoy every minute.

I love Concert Touring: the passion, the life, the creativity and the hard work of it.
I will always love Theatre and Television Productions. It's more like being 'Home', locally involved.

At Martin Professional my focus moved on to the next exciting and fascinating new technology: the possibilities of New Media with it's Media Servers, Video Contents, Controllers and LED Video Panels.

I love well designed shops, restaurants and I am talking about the lighting design. Its pure fun to be part of any urban lighting project, simply aside from stages and studios.

I recognized immediately that the looks of stages will change quickly worldwide.
Indeed it happended really quickly. LED is the new light source and it took the markets by storm. Video Panels, Lighting Fixtures and all sorts of other equipment got developed and today every human being knows about the benefits of LED technology and is using it, also at home. I am fascinated by media servers and controllers and its interactivity and massive creative potential.
At Martin Professional we developed the MAXXYZ controller, the MAXEDIA Media Server and the LC Video Panels. Amazing.
Video Mapping, Projection and Digital Moving Lights and it's all about creativity. I am part of it. I'm happy, but it's time to say Good Bye in Denmark.

The Digital Moving Lights from ROBE are an extremely nice mix of a powerful media server merged with a Moving Light. it's light engine is based upon a Video Projector instead of a conventional light source. These new fixtures do offer even more by adding a LED source which can be used for adding color washes to the projected image. We were showing these fixtures to designers, specifiers and investors. We travelled the whole world, demoed and produced amazing art work.

It's also the time when designers have been thrilled about power and brightness. LED Video Panels and Walls are providing an amazing brightness, they were oftenconsidered being too bright. The creation of Video Content is the most important part of the creative process. Moving Lights are now mainly used for creating 3D looks rather than projecting images onto a surface.
Clay Paky from Italy created long-throw and narrow beam looks with really nice eye-candy prism effects. At Clay Paky we believed that it can be done even better and we developed the smallest, lightest and most efficient Moving Light not seen before: the Sharpy. It's been a catapult and everyone simply started liking this fixture. It's so small, consumes 200W of energy only, but creates a sword-like beam of extreme intensity. Lovely. It's currently part of every single show worldwide. It's a great success, but ....

OK. It's 2013. What's next?

I do think that control is key. Controllers must be more userfriendly, more intuitive and easy to use. 'Digital Signature' has just become alive and I do predict that 'Personal Signature' and Personal Interactivity' being just around the corner. I'm still learning every day and cannot wait to dive into my next challenge.

Ok. It's 2014. Whats next?

It all happened as said earlier: Controllers are now more intuitive and user-friendly. Yeah. Thanks to all developers. I am diving into a new trend: High quality white lighting using a new technology. It's called REMOTE PHOSPHOR TECHNOLOGY. It's a bit of magic, but honestly its more about physics. The Phosphor is the light source and Led is just used for providing the energy to let the phosphor start emitting photons and that means LIGHT.

Projects, Project Sales, Project Specification and Project Management. Since 2014 I have moved into the world of Permanent Installations of Architectural Projects.

Hurra! Splash. Let's do it with Passion.

With kind regards.
Gerald Heise
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Elektrotechnik
M.Sc.EE, Master of Science of Electronic Engineering

Solutions 4 You

Product Management

THE IDEA. Point.
Creating the idea is fundamental for having success. Point.
We love to create ideas and we love to explain our concepts, bundle it into a Business Plan, create the believe in it and turning it into a Project with Activities and Milestones.
We follow the Project Phases and are experienced Product Managers.

We manage the Project.
We manage the Product Launch.
We like to create the optimal Marketing Campaign.
We create Marketing Materials, manage Events and handle Social Media Management.
We are Match Makers.
You may benefit from our international network of Sales Channels, Designers and Specifiers.

It's a Team Play.

We don't develop, write code or manufacture.

Product Management by Passion.
Are you interested talking to me?
Please call.
Your contact is highly appreciated.


Do you love reading newspapers at breakfast? You like it printed or e-documents only?
Marketing has changed, expanded and today digital marketing tools are the daily tools.
Visual Information is strong and powerful. Words and Phrases are well-thought, made to be remembered.

The lighting industry is peoples business. Social contacts are highly important and personal information is considered positive. Marketing activities have to be of personal nature (Influencers). New product releases are always welcome and industry people like to be trend setters and early adapters, users of a new technology or a new product.

Product Launch Campaigns, Company Branding Activities and Social Media Management are key.

Every project requires it's individually taylored activities.

Business Development

Business Development Activities are directly linked with quotes, orders and actual sales figures.
Is that sales?

My Business Development Services are opening doors, are establishing contacts, are supporting sales with technical expertises, are providing concepts and specifications, are creating product applications, are informing Lighting Designers and Specifiers, are establishing new Sales Channel Contacts, are creating Sales Support documentation and at the end are creating positive Business and Sales Figures.

I am a lighting and control expert.
Services are worldwide.
We preference Central and Eastern European Markets.

Can I help improving your Sales Figures? Where and how?

It requires an analysis. I love to consult and prepare a Business Development Plan, which is taylored towards your requirements and tasks.

I got the network, I have the tools, I invite you having a look at our references and we committ to your tasks.

Thank you for your business.

Ideal Solutions

baloo4you is looking with passion into creating solutions for your individual projects. Please call us.

baloo4you has a solution for your project. 4 you.

baloo4you is (as it's often the case today) an abbreviation and means: 'business and lighting opportunities offered for (to) you'.

The 3 key points for creating success are: the Product Design and the Product Concept, the Marketing Tools and a Direct Link to customers.

Customers enjoy being part of the project and love telling friends about new product releases, trends or ideas.

Our references relates to these Markets:
Theatre, Broadcast, Concert Touring and Architectural Projects, like Conference Centers, Hotels, Board Rooms, Shopping Malls and Airports.

Thanks for browsing our pages and looking for information.
Please drop me a mail or simply call.

Enjoy your time.


Clients List

ROBE lighting s.r.o., Czech Republic

ROBE is a lighting manufacturer in the Czech Republic. The company is designing, developing, manufacturing and selling Moving Lights to the markets of Stage, Studio, Concert Touring and DJ/Club.
The company runs parallel a second brand, which is named ANOLIS. Anolis is producing and selling products which are taylored for the massively growing Architectural Lighting market.
The owners of the company are driven by passion and innovation. Their approach to innovation is pretty much obvious and proven by designing the DIGITAL MOVING HEAD Series plus highly attractive and innovative Moving Lights based upon PLASMA and LED lamp technology. The company won recently an award for technical innovation. Congratulation.

baloo4you supported the company with product marketing activities.

Activity Focus: DigiSpot 3000 and 7000, RDM Communication and PLASMA Lamp Source Technology

Martin Professional A/S, Denmark

Martin Professional is a lighting manufacturer in Denmark. The company has been the first company worldwide selling Moving Head lighting fixtures. They maintain a rather big RnD Team in Denmark and are selling worldwide to the markets of Stage, Studio and Concert Touring. Historically the company has been also a quite well established supplier for the DJ/Club market, but stopped its activities for this market in 2005. The company has great ambitions to expand its activities into the Architectural Lighting Markets.

The company is driven by innovation. They want to be the market leader, the No1 and they have proven records. Its only a few months ago that they won an award for the MAC VIPER in Las Vegas, US.

baloo4you enjoyed between 1996 and 2008 an exclusive and long lasting cooperation with Martin Professional and supported the company with Product Concepts, Product Management and Product Marketing activities.

Activity Focus: MAC 600, MAC 500, MAC 250, MAC 300, MAC 2000, MAXXYZ, MAXEDIA, Martin Show Designer, Martin Lighting Director, TrackPod

Clay Paky S.p.A., Italy

It's pure fun to work for this amazing company. Clay Paky is a lighting manufacturer in Italy. This company is driven by providing optimal solutions. They take good attention to every detail and are focused at the markets of Stage, Studio and Concert Touring. They love design besides creativity and manage very well to put the extras into their developments, which are neccessary to create trendy products and products, which the customers simply wish to have.

The company won recently a pile of awards, most of them for Sharpy, the smallest, but most efficient Moving Head with an amazing powerful array of effects.

baloo4you is supporting the company with Product Concepts, Business Development, Key Account Management and Product Marketing activities.

Activity Focus: Alpha 1500 Series, Alpha 700 Series, Sharpy, Mirage, GlowUp


'Gerald has a great industry knowledge, both in terms of people and technology; which makes him a fantastic match-maker. Gerald helped us a lot during the 12 months he worked with us to expand an international network of distributors for our newly developed Software Lighting Controller.'
Maarten Engels, Owner at Visual Productions

'I am impressed by Gerald's constant search for ideas, trends and technologies. He is constantly trying things. He sees something and is excited. He learns every day and his always positive spirit is a motivation for me.'
Helmut Losert, Friend

'You are welcome to read more. Where?
Please find my personal profile at'
Gerald Heise

Featured Client

Gerald Heise writes about BB&S:

'Brother Brother & Sons is an engineering firm based in Copenhagen and since 2014 I am giving them my full support to turn projects world wide into success stories. I am a brother and I love it. Its such a great team, so much passion and so many great ideas. BB&S are the developers of a new technology: Remote Phosphor. Its a perfect solution in camparison with the known tungsten and day light technologies, but also so much better. Think different, be better. We are living it.'

>>'It's fun. We will bring out new concepts and hope that you will love it. Check it out.'<<



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let's share our ideas.

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